MY London

Last April I spent 10 days in Great Britain and it was the most amazing 10 days of my adult life. Well of my 30s at least.  I have searched my whole life for a place I’ve felt at home and it has taken me these last few months to process the experience profound as it was.
I felt coming home as if I had lost something, as if I was leaving something crucial behind and I know I will find it again if ever I am so lucky to return. So I am posting pictures from my trip as I rebuild my blog.

Still every much processing this experience.   Every other day I think of something that reminds me of London and the phrase I miss london goes thru my head. 


I spent many days in hampstead heath. What a beautiful and magical place. I stayed up all night monday so I could take the first train on the northern line to hampstead and watch the sun come up through the trees.

Seriously real magic.

It brings me back to something christopher Tietjiens says about England. How he loves every blade of grass every hedgerow. I can totally see it now.


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