Revelations. ..

 Below is a post from my original blog explaining the name of the blog. Originally posted in January of 2013.  The blog name form before is the same. And a picture of my first morning in london….


It occurred to me,not too long ago, that I will most likely live to be at least 60 years of age. So at the age of 31,I’m half way there. If I’m lucky I’ll live to 80 years of age. If I’m very lucky I’ll make it past 90.  

 It also occurred to me ( very recently ) that I’ve probably spent more than half my life sleeping. I like sleeping. I can’t get enough of it. I probably get more sleep than I need and need more sleep than the average person. In fact I have lived perhaps half my life waking and half my life sleeping. Most would agree, I think, that a life half slept is a life half lived.

 Hopefully this small paragraph explains the title of my blog.  Hopefully it will also help me keep focused on what I want this blog to become.  

 The implications of having slept half my life away are vast, in my opinion. Having been on this planet, I do believe I have enough experience in life that just enough of my experiences are interesting enough to warrant making a small percentage of them committed to the written word. Not to mention that I’m a painfully opinionated woman and have all kinds of time and energy to devote to typing about the vast number of things I have opinions about.

 Not all of my revelations are going to be relevant, I know I can make that declaration right now before we get too far into it. Well they may not be relevant to everyone, but they are highly likely to be relevant to me. After my artist statement I’m sure I made a post claiming to be a little bit of a narcissist. Don’t worry I’m plenty full of self doubt and lacking enough self esteem to keep me humble, and at the very least interesting.  

 I know I promised before that I would be honest, but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to edit myself. There are details I know I will have to leave out for the sake of, well decency for starters. There are things I’ve survived that not everyone is going to want to be able to read about on the internet.  I suppose there are also things I’ve done that I should not admit to on the internet either.

One of my recent postings was “liked” by someone I don’t know, have never met or heard of, and will probably never meet. Only because I categorized my post in a subject he is interested in. It amazes me how people can become linked to one another. Keeping that in mind I’m really going to have to watch what I type, because I have no idea who my audience is going to be. I’ve already decided to do my best to keep my blog PG at the very least,I just hope I can remember that.

 Even though the posts could come down, there is a vast potential permanency to the internet that I really need to remind myself of. I briefly had a blog devoted to my small business, which if I look, that blog is still on the internet. I can’t access it to take it down or edit it, but it is still there. Someone could easily copy paste the contents of any of my blogs and keep them for their own references, even after I decide to remove them off the internet. I’m not especially computer savvy and I don’t know exactly how I would even go about trying to completely remove something from the internet. Anyway, I’ve hit that 500 word mark, time to slap it on the internet and see what happens.


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