Fancy a cuppa?

When I came home from London a friend asked how it was and said I know it’s too much all at once . He revised the question to what did you learn about yourself. Easily The Most Important Thing I Learned About Myself Is That I Prefer A Teabag Tea To A Loose Leaf Tea.
I didnt have much of a choice in london there was lots of bagged teas but I never got around to finding Loose Leaf which was fine because I love it way better. I’ve always loved Earl Grey but turns out a nice cup of orange pekoe does the trick as well.


So when im at work and have a few minutes to spare a cuppa tea and a raisin oatmeal cookie hits the spot.
In the past it would have been time spent scrambling to get a cup of coffe with cream and sugar but tea and milk works so much better for me.

To think I spent all those years a loose leaf tea snob…
Turns out too much of the loose leaf gives my heart a palpitation.
But the so called lesser quality is just right.
Thanks london for sharing your tea world with me. It brought me back to the round tetleys tea that my mom always drank when I was little. A funny kind of homecoming.


I started everyday in london with a nice cuppa and loved it. Oh and the tea biscuits were heavenly and so cheap! The same biscuits when they get imported cost three times as much!

Anyway it was my next favorite thing about London. 
Since returning home I have sampled many bags of tea and have found that the round tea bag is by far superior.  I wonder if it’s just effective advertising that carried over from childhood or it really just is better…


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