Did I Mention the Beer…?

England knows how to make beer. I knew that to be the general concensus before going there but I didn’t know any of the specifics about the beer. I had heard about cask ales but didnt know exactly what that meant. For me it means beer I can drunk because it’s not all carbonation. Even the cask ales I’ve have since coming back from England are carbonated.
I am pretty sure I drank beer every single day I was in england.
My first day when I got to my cousins flat where I would be staying and her roommate did not answer my buzz I decided to find the nearest pub hoping it would also have wifi. It didn’t have wifi so I just drank a beer instead.


It was amazing. I have now of course forgotten the name of the pub….I swear it was just the one beer.
When I left the pub and went back to the flat and was still unsuccessful in gaining access I did go find some free wifi and messaged the roommate.
It turned out he was waiting for me to buzz but the buzzer wasn’t working.
The landlady had come by that very morning to inspect the flat as she does every year. She had somehow turned the ringer off in the flat. Call that serendipity but that beer and I had a date with destiny.
It was the beginning of a short but meaningful love affair with the British beer and pub culture.  I wish I had taken a picture of every beer I drank but I really didn’t want to be that annoying tourist.  But now I don’t have a record of all the places I drank beer.

This one was at The Dickens in Wapping


But I do have a few of them…


Ya I’ll sketch and drink…so long as the sketching doesn’t get in the way of my drinking.


I had multiple beers at this place. Over several days. Still wishing I took more pictures of beers!!


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