London Reads

One thing I did not take any pictures of while in london, because it would have been rather strange, was all the men walking down the street reading. I am accustomed to women who read and occasionally I will see a bloke with a book on the skytrain here in vancouver but I was really quite taken aback by how many men I saw with their noses in books. Not necessarily bookish type students either, nicely dressed men in suits on their way to work presumably. 
And they were all good looking too!
Not that I’m generally one for objectifying a person based on their looks but there seemed to be a stereotype that was simply very foreign to me.
And really hot.
I really wish more men here in vancouver read in public… so…here’s a picture of a rhododendron. ..


On a further unrelated note…I keep hearing british people talking about how they should move to Canada.  I can only assume that those particular brits are here on holiday but it makes me think of all the brits I know that live here permanently.  It also makes me think of the couple of Canadians I know who now living in  england. 
What it is about needing to live in a place different from where you are from may be written in your stars but it certainly is frustrating when immigration policy keeps you from living in the place you prefer.
Overcrowding in the UK I know is a major factor and the perception of better opportunities in canada keep people coming over this way.
Maybe one day it will be one world one and we can all move about freely…


Do they even have maple trees out side canada? Nah….


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