Beauty and the stigma

I saw a woman on the train the other day who I thought was beautiful. She was clearly low income and a 4 ish year old son with her. No make up messy hair but I thought she was radiantly beautiful.  She also looked incredibly tired which I could attribute to having a small kid.
She was also incredibly sad.
I found myself thinking things like ‘its a real shame she’s so sad’ and ‘its unfair that she’s so beautiful but so sad’
Then I thought…
If she were ugly would you be thinking…
‘ if course she’s sad…I would be too with a face like that’ …I suppose I would…
And THEN I thought. ..
Since when does beauty exclude you from the right to a full array of human emotions. 
Why is it that society expects people with beauty or money or fame to inherently be happy? Because they have the things that society also tells you to covet?

Society tells you to covet these things because they will make you happy and if you have them act happy!?

I got my answer anyway.
Her cell phone rang and she began having a loud conversation that indicated a difficult break up AND that she was 8 months pregnant. 
I suppose that would account for the glow…

The idea that a beautiful person isn’t entitled to a full range of emotions is what really took me.  I’m sure there are people who’ve sorted this idea out already but it’s just occurring to me now. So bare with me?

Anyway beauty and joy apparently are supposed to go together and if you have beauty you better not be sad.


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2 Responses to Beauty and the stigma

  1. narcopathcrusher says:

    That’s the things ugly people think to dismiss the pain of others. Society is so full of stupid fixed beliefs like that. It makes me so angry.


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