LUCY and the truth behind science fiction

I went to see Scarlett Johansson’s new movie last night and I’m really glad I did.
The whole idea of what humanity is capable of has been weighing on my mind alot lately.
I think the movie captured what the human brain is capable of fairly well. The main caveat being that it is a dramatisation.
Even so if the human mind can imagine it, it can be possible.
It’s just more likely to take a million years. If we can survive this technological adolescence.

Sometimes I feel as if science fiction films are planting the seeds of awareness for humanity. Because we are capable of so much more. 
Perhaps one day our progenitors will look back and say “see someone did understand” when they look at our movies. If any of it survives.
Untill then we just keep letting bombs get dropped on kids in the middle east and presume we are helpless because we are so terrified of tapping into the real power that we embody.

If humans had the capacity to reason with even one more percent of their brains they would set down their silly squabbles.
They would stop seeing each other for the differences in their skin or how they define the greater power that brought us into being. 

They would also stop digging in our precious mother earth for oil to burn and pollute the skies with.

We could reach the stars so much faster.
Explore new world’s with no intentions of destroying them for monetary gains.

I beleive it to be true.

So what do we do until then?
Meditate for peace.
Teach our children to be kind.
Make what we need.
Do for ourselves without machinations of convenience.
Be human.
Use your brain so that we can actually keep evolving.


It is possible if we can overcome the financial oppression we exist under.


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