Drafting the last chapter

When I’m done writing the last chapter of my book I can start the editing. One step closer to publishing. I should be happy about that but for some reason I find myself dragging my feet.
Is it the end of an era? The first Draft of my first novel. Am I indulging in delusions of grandeur by even entertaining that thought or am I just a chronic non finisher?

I do love this story I’m writing. It means rather a great deal to me and even when it’s done and ready to publish I’ll be writing at least one sequel if not two so it’s not like the story will really be over any time soon.

But getting through this last chapter is really stumping me. I’ve already written the last paragraph because I know how I want that to go. But bringing my two characters to that point. …
It’s a silly little dilemma.  Maybe I just need to smoke a cigarette and get it done…


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