What I Wanted For Today

Well I wanted to make a video today but my roommate came home before I had the chance. So instead I think I’ll just post some random pictures.  Oh how bout mustangs? Cuz I like them…





Way before I was born my dad had a 67 (I think ) Mustang that was Acapulco blue. He got rid of it way before I was born. I’m not sure where I got this fascination with cars from but I beleive I’ve always loved cars.
I was really hoping to see a right side drive Mustang in the uk but probably they don’t exist. 

I did see a few neat ones tho.


When I showed them to my dad he knew every single one. Some of them I had never heard of before…I love how my dad just knows stuff all the time


Look at how tiny this thing is !!!


This is an oldie…

Car culture in the uk seems very different than in north America its much more sports cars and practicality. Not so much muscle cars for show. I imagine somewhere outside the city there are also trucks but I sure didn’t see any where I was. There were delivery trucks sure but just for getting around not so much.


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