All of a sudden. ..I can kill you with my brain

Im ok with making videos. So I’m going to start making most if my posts videos. In a couple weeks. See I made the mistake of using my own data to up load a couple and now I’m tapped out. So I have to use free wifi which tends to be slow and takes time for me get to and slow to upload so it’s going to take me a while to get the 4 videos I recorded today. Because I don’t have the upgraded blog I’ll have to load the videos to my YouTube channel and then post links to them here.

For incredibly vain and selfish reasons I would really like to have any one of them go viral or just get a little bit of a decent amount of attention.  I will explain why in a video.

So yes…I humbly request that you share the hell out of my videos. For me. You will most likely get nothing in return but if you think I have something you may want in return please do let me know. Maybe we can work out a trade 🙂

Here is a cute video I made trying to figure out how to make a video…


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