Interesting bus ride home today

To be honest I’m not all that shocked at what happened but I am a little hurt that it happened to me.
I was getting on the bus when a bee flew up to me and said hello he accidentally boarded the bus with me. I turned around and gently tried to shoo him off the bus. The bus driver then shouted at me to hurry up and just get on the bus. To which I replied I just don’t want him getting stuck on the bus. He said there were lots of windows….
Getting off the bus I gave him my bestest dirtiest look.
He laughed and said it’s just a bee!
By then I was off the bus I said exactly! 
Because I argue by agreeing with people….
Then he shut the door in my face…
But I shouted thru it anyway. Do you want to get stuck on the bus with a bee!?
He just drove off. 
I was so hurt and angry.

Firstly because I was just trying to save an entire bus full if people and the bee from the stress of being trapped together.  If any one of those people had an allergy the panic would have been really traumatic for them.

Secondly this bus driver had no respect for this one bee as if they are not singularly important.  I think they are all important.

I try and tell myself I did the right thing but I really want that bus driver to wake up along with everyone else who doesn’t think the pollinators are important.

So much of our food supply depends on them and they are dying at alarming rates.  We need them way more than they need us.

Plants that can live and reproduce without pollination that are severely genetically modified are not an option in my future.

I am scared for humanity when reminded that so many people are ignorant about these problems.


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