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Fat Hippie

I dont typically think of hippies or hipsters and unhealthful types. They are usually on whatever health food trend there is. I try to eat healthy and be conscious of my carbon footprint and all that jazz. But truth is … Continue reading

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A Little Trip To Washington…

Ok, sorry but the pictures are in opposite order to what I would like but I found a new bff. This Rhodonite sphere. My bff with this matchy little hydrangea. . And isn’t that a wicked hand gesture!? And this … Continue reading

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My Dog Can Smell My Fear…

It’s true that animals communicate thru pheromones and are more aware of them but humans have smellable emotions too. Turns out I can smell my dogs emotions back which is an aside to what the main topic of this post … Continue reading

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Remember That Thing I Said About The Truth Behind The Movie ‘Lucy’?

Ok, here is an example of a person using more than 10 percent of their brains.  The sad thing is that people will beleive that that person is fundamentally different, which may be true, but that doesn’t mean that the … Continue reading

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Publishing Is Rotten To The Core

Originally posted on David Gaughran:
“Rotten apple” by Kulmalukko. CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons There is something seriously askew with the supposed values of the publishing business. The most egregious behavior continually gets overlooked, ignored, and swept under the…

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Bring Back The Wolves!

Just watched this awesome video about the reintroduction of wolves to Yellowstone National Park.  I remember hearing about these efforts as a young teen and being horrified that the wolves had been obliterated but so happy they were being reintroduced.  … Continue reading

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Is Monsanto Something I’ll Get Blacklisted For Posting About?

I feel like Monsanto is something that just doesn’t appear in mainstream media as if it’s something that just doesn’t exist.  Is it the pelican brief? Why don’t people talk about it? Anyway here’s hoping I don’t get black listed. … Continue reading

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