It’s Really Making Me Wonder…

Amid the talks and discourse surrounding the BC teachers strike I’m feeling more and more frustrated with how low the standards for living and education have become in north America.  The revelation that the bc government forced the teachers into a strike thinking that they could garner favour with parents and end up with legislation that would essentially leave teachers with no bargaining platform permanently makes me want to stage a bloody coup.

I never would of course.
But it does make me incredibly angry that this is what we’re dealing with.

Education is key.
Its a right.
Giving the next generation any less than everything we can is like telling them they do not matter.
There is going to be a whole generation of kids who should hate the liberal government.

But if you think changing who sits in that chair will help at all….you’re not understanding the real problem.
Our system is flawed.
It needs a revamp.
Either way I’m pretty sure I’m moving to england.  they actually appreciate the arts there….


Also…. the department of defense is flanked by a large naked woman. Two actually.

I cant beleive I live in a Provence that hates children so much it would throw their education under a bus for political gain.


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