After 14 days of bring restricted to Internet access thru wifi only…my data is finally back on my phone
Last month I managed to use up all my data…which is actually kind of impressive since I have a decent mobile plan. Turns out I got a little over zealous with the uploading of my videos.  Lesson learned!!! Upload videos via wifi only!!
But now I can resume my daily blogging.

There is something incredibly satisfying about being a part of the WordPress community.  Being able to share my thoughts with perfect strangers and knowing that when people like it, it’s not out of some kind of friend related sense of obligation.

With this blog I have intentionally kept my Facebook page disconnected so that my posts remain basically anonymous to the fellow bloggers reading them.
I am certainly glad I did.

Now that we are on again I can hopefully continue to share my experiences with you!!



I composed this post just outside the law courts in new westminster on a lovely saturday afternoon!!

Hope you enjoy.


About Epic Wynn

Artist, Massage Therapist, Fledgling Blogger
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