And then I got sick. …

So far this summer has been rough for me. I’ve spent more time these last few months in the emergency room than my whole adult life probably.  Including visiting people who are sick!
It heralds a new chapter in my life, having to deal with the excess skin left behind after having lost 100 lbs.

Apparently excess skin after weight loss is prone to absessed infection while healthy skin can drain normally. I have had 4 absesses this summer that have needed surgical draining. All but one in my bra line. 

Years ago I switched to wearing only sports  bras for the sake of my breast heath and I’m glad I did. They are so much better for circulation. 

It doesn’t seem in any way fair that this is something I have to deal with after having achieved such an amazing goal but such is the fate of the former fatty!!

The ironic and frustrating thing for me at this point (well one of them) is that I still have another 40 pounds to lose. If I have to deal with this skin infection B.S. untill I reach my goal weight I might just get myself a scalpel and start exciting these absesses myself!

While I’m thankful I live in a country with free health care I have the distinct impression that had I been paying for these trips to emergency I would have experienced much much less pain and much much better drugs. 

It took them 3 days to decide it was in fact an absess, not a lump in my breast or mastitis. Had the 1st doc I talked to 5 days ago just cut it out of me instead of deciding it was just a painful zit this would have been over days ago! 

Instead I’m on a week long trip of daily antibiotics administered via IV!

By the way if your doc decides to cut one out of you insist on a morphine drip first. The numbing is not enough!!

Although it has reinforced for me how important it is that I massage my breast regularly. 

Oh one more thing…pain meds!…eat lots of fiber when you’re on pain meds….


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3 Responses to And then I got sick. …

  1. leahb81 says:

    Dang I’m sorry your going through all of this 😦 I’m on a journey to loose 100 lbs myself is there any advice you would give to avoid this problem?


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