About Name Brands

There is this assumed status associated with wearing designer or name brands I find among the middle class ranks I see around me. The same people who get manicures and have perfect hair also wear Hollister and carry Coach or Louis Vuitton bags. They also seem to have a sense of arrogance around them. A condescending “you should think better of me” attitude because they have things they assume you know cost money.
The problem with that these days is, most of these people are buying this stuff discounted at the outlet malls so the projection is a lie.
It’s just as annoying as the hipsters who wear ironic or obscure tshirts that they got at the mall. Its all just generic mass marketed and mass produced sold to made you think you have an identity.
One of the many problems I have with this kind of fallacy is that it’s not cheap to make just because you bought it cheap. There is a person on the other side of the world working at a sewing machine for less money than they deserve so you can feel better than your neighbor.
Those people are trying to support themselves and their families working one of the few labour jobs they have available to them the same as anybody else. They’re probably just not being snobs about it.
I refuse to wear names on my clothes unless it’s an absolute must. 
I dont attach my identity to the brands I wear. (I wear D.C. Skate shoes because they’re endurable, fit my manly feet and have a decent price point)
If I could I would make every garment I wear everyday but the truth is…I’m just not that good of a seamstress. And fashion design is hard.
I wear plain and simple in utter defiance of the middle class association with fashion  status.  Its an industry fabricated idea and I will not have it speak for me.
Some of the people sewing clothes in Asia and the middle east earn wages that leave them essentially enslaved.
I’m not ok with that. 
It’s really easy for these companies to say they’re paying a fare wage for the market but I personally have no way of holding them accountable. 
So I buy as little as possible and use it untill it can’t be used any more.

I dont know how else to not participate in the fashion Industry.


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Artist, Massage Therapist, Fledgling Blogger
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