The Teachers Strike Continues…

I walked passed the local elementary school this morning to see that there were two fire engines there, with several firefighters too.  Standing in solidarity against the worst kind of bully. The British Columbia liberal party. 

Yesterday, or the day before I can’t remember,  the British Columbia nurses union pledged a goodly sum of interest free money to the teachers union so it could stay on strike and not have to fold against the pressures of the government. 
This made me wanna cry too.

I come from a family of teachers.  Both my parents taught, many of my aunts and uncles taught, my grandfather taught and I have cousins who teach too.

With so many educators in my family and a history of valuing education I am desperate to see the teachers succeed in this strike.

I wasn’t an easy kid to teach but I was eager to learn. I fell outside the spectrum of normal and had to fight really hard to understand alot of things.  I’m lucky I didnt fall thru the cracks of the system to be honest.  If my parents hadn’t also been educators im sure I would have been one of those pregnant and 16 dropouts. Because I wouldn’t have know what else to do with myself.

I dont have kids, yet.
And weather or not I end up with any I still want to have a good education system in place for the kids who will be the nurses and doctors and small business owners when I am in my golden years.  I want those kids to be smart and educated. Not smart and under stimulated. 
Alot of those kids end up doing drugs or getting into crime or just end up wasting their brains.

I had thought about going into teaching. Right around the supreme court thing happened. (The Supreme court ruled against the libereral government but they still refused to return what they had taken)
I decided to stay where I was.
I didnt want to be a teacher in such an un friendly environment.  It makes me sad because I would have been so good at it and I would have loved It too.

If the teachers win this strike. I just may reconsider.
I want to be the art teacher everyone wants to be taught by.


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