# yes all women…..except me…

Firstly…I’m not complaining. Not getting heckled or cat called or aggressively flirted with does not bother me.

Although I can say not getting flirted with at all is a bit of a let down but I do know where that’s coming from.

Not being one of the “pretty girls” who experience the problem behavior from men has given me a bit of an outsiders veiw of things.

So a word to the men folk who find talking to women difficult.

Be honest

When a woman has been approached by men over and over because she is beautiful it gets tedious. Have something interesting to say that goes beyond her appearance.
Women who have to deal with cheap pickup lines and heckling Learn to distinguish between the genuine and the not so much.

Don’t presume that because she cares about her appearance that she only cares about her appearance.  It’s an insult to a woman’s character when approached by a man who makes such presumptions.  Wearing makeup, dressing nicely and styling ones hair does not imply she is shallow or self centered or conceited.  It is only one aspect of her being.

If you can not see something appealing about her, with your own intuition, that goes beyond her appearance. ..leave her alone.

If she declines your compliments or turns you down in any way…do not presume she is playing hard to get. When a woman hears says NO and you ignore, her you have already lost.  Many women who’ve been abused will be triggered by this kind of treatment.

It only takes a woman 30 seconds to decide if you’re a viable mate for her. For some less than that.  Take rejection like an adult.

If you can’t enjoy her company with out a sexual relationship you don’t deserve her anyway. Appeal to her on a personal level first. Some women do take time to decide if they like a guy or not.

I understand that this presents a great deal of contradiction and difficulty.  But I also understand that men have a biological need to “sew their wild oats”  women know this too. They can sense it. Some women want something short term and some do not.

Anyway. That’s just my take on it. Well part of it anyway.  


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Artist, Massage Therapist, Fledgling Blogger
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