I Gave Up The Online Search

The problem with online dating and well anything on the internet is the safety anonymity provides combined with the sensitivity of the male ego.

I’ve been told time and again “everybody lies on their profile” 
Well I don’t. 
I am completely honest online.
I may leave things out like my emotional baggage but I suppose that’s to be expected. I tell the complete truth about every other aspect of myself.  My dimensions, my birthday all that stuff is accurate because when you get to that first date I want to be the person you think I am.
Most men however seem to think the status quo leaves room for fibbing. Wrong birthday, a few inches shorter than they say they are.  That type of thing. All because they think that no one will want them if they don’t fit a certain stereotype. The problem is: I definitely don’t want you if your first instinct is to flat out LIE about the most basic things!

I found it exhausting sifting thru profiles having to put so much energy into using my intuition to see if they were being honest about themselves on their profile or not. So I gave up.
After years of being incredibly sure that the guy for me was out there somewhere I got burnt out of looking for him the only way I was comfortable with.

You see being an introvert means not going to clubs and parties and the like. It means keeping to myself most of the time and occasionally going to cafes to read a book and hope that maybe I’ll have an awkward 30 second conversation with the barista.  Who is usually female anyway.
I keep getting this instinctual push to hang out at specific places in vancouver but they are hard to get to and I’m a wimp about going out alone. When I go out with my roommate people think we’re a couple.

So I give up.
I’m not looking any more.
I always felt it was a bit unfair that there was so much pressure for the female counterparts to find and keep men anyway. Why is that!?
# whyI’msingle


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2 Responses to I Gave Up The Online Search

  1. dezzi42 says:

    Great blog! Don’t give up hope, and besides its so much better meeting someone the organic way rather than from meat market online sites


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