Is It Good For Women To Sleep Around?

Now that I’m in my thirties I can say my sex drive is entering the wonderful heightened stage of its development.  I find myself looking at younger and your men. Wishing I was one of those kinds of women that could flirt with strangers.

I can say I’ve never been picked up nor have I ever picked anyone up. Don’t know how that works but I’m beginning to wish I did.
I think about it but I’m struck by the thought “what if” for me there are too many. What if he’s crazy. To big or to small. Because let’s face it of course size matters. What if I fall in love with him or vice versa.
What if he falls more than in love with me and won’t leave me alone.  Our entertainment spends entirely too much time romanticising stalker behavior. 
What if he rejects me completely and im left demoralized in a public place!?
What if he has some kind  of disease!

At my age the list of partners I’ve had  is relatively short for a woman raised to be independent and fairly sexually free.

I am just now wishing I understood the process of picking up guys.  The idea of getting satisfied without having to invest in a relationship is rather appealing at this stage in my life but of course even if I could get passed all the above what ifs there is still the self imposed slut stigma I would find on myself because society has trained me to think that way even though intellectually I don’t beleive it. 
If I was any good at picking up men I have to say I would be much better at sex. Use it or lose it right?

Anyway I’m open to suggestions. ..and introductions to men my age with standards and good looks.


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