Why Am I Attracted To Men Who Look Like Thugs?

This is one of the many reasons I am single: I am attracted to me who look like thugs.  Bad asses.  Carreer criminals with a history of drug abuse. These men with their hardened complexions and stern brows look appealing to me. They usually have overly developed musculature and look like they could knock over an icecream truck, one of the benefits of spending so much time in the judicial system. Or so my imagination tells me from watching so much American television.  Imagine having a boyfriend who could knock over and icecream truck. Never pay for icecream again!

These men, if born in a different time would have been warriors. The same  warriors sent to neighboring villages to rape and pillage. So why in heavens name and the time of feminism would I find this attractive.
Is it possible that in another life I was one of those women taken from her home in the early ours of the morning. Subjected to all kinds of depravity and abuse. Perhaps I was and I developed some kind of stokholm syndrome and I now see this stereo type as some kind of comforting. That’s just creepy.

I suppose the biological strength these men exhibit indicates good breeding stock. Oh think of all the strong children I would bear if fathered by these men. And of course he would be a fit hunter my brood and I would never go hungry. Assuming he stuck around to care for them…

Either way…it makes me glad that I don’t have any skills at picking men up or that brood would be all kinds of reality and I would be all kinds of a single parent.


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