A Word About My Business…

I’m taking break from my newest sewing project to talk about well, my sewing project. You see I’m turning old receiving blankets I got from a friend with kids into reusable pads and liners.
For when I get my monthly cycle.
Yup I’m talking about my business…my lady business.
I’m getting tired of how unbalanced our genders are. I’m getting tired of spending money on tampons and panty liners something my male counterparts don’t have to do. I’m getting tired of spending money on something that is going to be turffed after it’s used. I don’t buy paper towels anymore so why am I still buying feminine hygeine products when I know I’m always going to need them.
I’m also tired of the fact that talking about it openly is still basically taboo. Men folk can squirt their genetic material anywhere they want,  with out a woman it doesn’t mean a damn thing.  With out a woman to grow that baby you shall remain mortal. Children make us immortal.
I hate that society still enforces the idea that my basic reproductive cycle is disgusting and not to be spoken of. It’s vital to the continuation of our species! ! Mine and every other woman’s! 

That being said why is it that we spend so much money on materials that are disposable and can be dangerous. So I’m sewing reusable versions of things I know I’m going to need.
Just trying to be the change here folks.

Here is an article that describes it all much better than I do!!


Ps.  Its super easy to take an old receiving blanket and turn it into 4 pads. I even sew a little pocket in the folds for baby powder to help with odor absorption. 


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