Black People Scare Me…

I feel as though I need to preface this statement with a reminder that I am mixed race. Although I don’t think that should matter. Issues surrounding race or what we call race is an every colour every, ethnicity issue. I beleive in the one HUMAN race.
I’m afraid of dark skinned people who decend from African slaves specifically. I am a little bit terrified of Africans who are not decendant of slaves but for a completely different reason.

Descendents of slaves, if they have any sense of their history or are even a tiny bit intuitive, as I am, have a right to be enraged. This coupled with that fierce tribal warrior strength that I see in all Africans makes them mighty and powerful. 

If you have a great great grandparent who was a slave during the emancipation as I do then you have inherited a legacy stronger than any I have known.  My ancestors survived the most haneous mistreatment a human could and lived to  make a better life for themselves and their progenitors.  My grandfather included.

If by some stroke of misfortune you are a progenitor of slaved in north America my spirit rails against the injustice you continue to suffer. You live and you are mighty, in  a time where you cannot exist without bold faced reminders that your ancestors were property. And you have yet battle to do.

Tho I see you as warriors do not think this means I don’t see you as equally intelligent in them modern sense although I think media would have me beleive this is the case.

This battle is not physical.  It is psychological and intellectual.

How do you, strong and righteous warriors contend with enemies who claim to be your country men. Tho you are children of slaves before they were slaves they were African shamans. Kings and queens. Hunters and gatherers. I tune with their environment. 
In today’s north American environment you are navigating through toxic wastelands. Expected to rise above when you are simultaneously being held down.
If you use violence you uphold and perpetuate the stereotype. If you use intellect you are still seen as some kind of social anomaly. 
Yet you must continue this fight.  To bee seen as equal. You must remain fierce and focused yet intelligent.

I see that fight in you and I am terrified for you.
I want the outcome to be one of peace.
I want a future for my yet to be born children to be one where they need not check a box indicating ‘race’ because ‘ethnicity’ is no longer a selling point for corporations.  Because your version ‘different’ is not relevant.

I am desperate to show the world that peace can happen in the form of a human being. A child who descends both from slaves and those who owned them would embody that peace.
Living testament to the power of love over the power of hate and fear.

All you dark skinned youth just trying to make your mark in the world I commend you. Someday you will be seen as equals. One day we will all be equal. 

All you beautiful dark skinned men who could give me all kinds of amazing babies…I wish it was my path. But my path lies elsewhere. Unless you are a dark skinned Celt with red or blonde hair and blue or green eyes, it just can’t happen…


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