My Dog Can Smell My Fear…

It’s true that animals communicate thru pheromones and are more aware of them but humans have smellable emotions too. Turns out I can smell my dogs emotions back which is an aside to what the main topic of this post was supposed to be.

The main idea was about how my dog is inherently protective of me in situations where I am uncomfortable. Even if it’s because I am interested in someone he will sense a certain kind of anxiety on me and react. If only I could train him to react with less aggression when the person I am interested in is really cute!

It’s fabulous when the person I’m reacting to is unsavory or unsafe looking, then I don’t have to worry about my safety, because he barks his face off.
I get the feeling that my dog knows that I need his protection. I need him to keep me company and to keep me safe when I take my midnight strolls.
Not because I am threatened but because I often feel vulnerable.

I love my dog so much but this revelation has taught me I need to work on my automatic responses to people I see in my neighborhood.  I need to better control my emotions, and there fore my pheromones,  so that my dog responds accordingly. I need to be more aware of my surroundings so that people don’t startle me when I see them.
Whatever feeling I have when I see someone I trust but is not overly exciting I need to smell like that all the time.
He makes me wanna be a better human…

Anyway I now know what my dogs discomfort and love both smell like. Kinda weird. Could not describe it if my life depended on it. But it sure is nice when the love comes out!


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