Fat Hippie

I dont typically think of hippies or hipsters and unhealthful types. They are usually on whatever health food trend there is. I try to eat healthy and be conscious of my carbon footprint and all that jazz. But truth is I am a plus size.
There was a cartoon I read when I was in art school about female art school students who make their own clothes and are feminists and basically a kind of version of what we now call hipsters and the like. Back then, it was called making your own stuff because you knew how and it fit better. Or mending the clothes you have because you can’t afford to buy more.
That’s where I’m at these days. Mending or adjusting what I’ve got so I don’t need to spend money buying more.
But its going to make me fit that annoying stereotype about people who make their own stuff and don’t care about fashion…oh darn. 
Well the fact is, I don’t think there are very many hipsters who are a size 13.
I find that totally a-stereotypical.  And I think I like it.
I only think I like it because I still, in theory, need to be professional and I also don’t really want to stand out much. But I also don’t really want to work too hard at fitting in. That ship has sailed.
I found the juxtaposition interesting when it occurred to me while I was smallerizing a handful of tshirts this evening. I’m doing it in such a way that makes it fairly obvious that A) I Don’t care about fashion. B)  I don’t  really know how to sew garments. C) All my clothes are too big. And D) I refuse to buy new clothes.

I am hoping that D is interpreted as an act of politics rather than disdain for fashion or my appearance. I do more or less care about how I look.  But I care about making the most of the means I have a great deal more.
I have also adjusted these garments in the most obvious way possible. It’s so totally hand made.
I think I do love that bit.


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