If You Could Run A Mile In My Shoes…

If you could run a mile In my shoes…you would be able to run the same distance that I am able to run in my shoes. The whole thing gets thrown off if you can run more than a mile because that’s the most I can run at once. So far anyway. And if you are wondering…I am bragging about this.  
Around this time last year I began my attempts at running. With my dog for 30 seconds or so.  At the gym for a minute. Then two and so on. I got up to twenty minutes last year this time before I got sick and couldn’t go to the gym for a few months.
When I picked it back up this last winter I was moving in slower increments, not wanting to flare up my hip flexor inflammation I was experiencing last October.  I decided to get serious again over the last few weeks and I’ve managed to get myself up to one mile in just under 14 minutes. I feel really good about that.
That one time I ran for 20 minutes I think it was just under two miles.
I’m hoping to increase my speed before I start increasing my distance.
Isn’t running fun? It can be any kind of work out you want it to be.
To keep myself from stopping I focus my attention to different aspects of my gait cycle and change it up. Maybe more emphasis on my toe off to get more out of my gastrocs.  Maybe more twist at my waist to engage my oblique abdominals more.
The more I change it up the less I think about stopping.
Before I know It I’ve done four laps on the imaginary track on the treadmills screen. And I am Oh so proud of myself.
It’s a great primer for a great workout lifting weights.
Once I’m done at the gym I feel amazing and looking forward to what I can do tomorro.

Sometimes I can’t beleive all the things I’ve been thru to get to where I am now. And I used to fret about failing at my weight loss. I had hoped that I could come to love running. And I really do.
So if You could run a mile in my shoes…I wouldn’t let you. I need them for my running. 


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