Clutter Makes Me More Creative

My roommate says I’m too messy. But she doesn’t understand my brand of messiness.  I need a certain amount of clutter. I’m not sure why but it helps me focus. Sometimes when I need to be creative it helps me focus my thoughts to tidy up a bit. But if I keep my place clean all the time I lose that option.
Also I see the mess as potential. By never putting anything away its like I’m always in the middle of every project I’m working on. I like the feeling of having 6 different things I could pick up at any given moment.
It’s like having a desktop full of files you could open at any time.
I also know where things are. Even if it looks clutter full I know where my stuff is.
I’m sort of an out of sight out of mind kind of person. Once it’s put away it may as well be in another dimension. I totally forget about project once they’re in storage. So ya. I have books all over the place with bookmarks in them. Shirts I plan to sew when the mood strikes me. Knitting on the side table. Sketch books with pens in them all over the place. Because you never know when the mood will strike and it’s more likely to do so if I can see it. For me anyway. 
Most of the people I’ve lived with can’t handle my brand of disheveled.  But I can’t change and every time I try I feel like I’m forcing myself into a box that just won’t fit. Its just not me.
It’s not a sacrifice I’m willing to make. Its a huge part of how I function. It makes me so sad when people try to clean up after me. Like they are trying to hide all evidence of my existence.  Well it did when I was a kid. Now it just pisses me off when people touch my stuff. Messes with my filing system. Ya dig?


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