Oh Dear…Now What Do I Do?

Last night I sat down and finished the first Draft of my novel. I had decided to edit the rest of it before I finished that 400 word gap so it was also a little bit edited too. I spent about an hour or so sitting at my computer in shock that I had finally finished it wondering what I should do next before I started to read thru it again. Why is it that I get such a Strange sad empty feeling when I finish a project. It’s not as though I don’t have another project lined up!?
Besides now I’m doing the really fun part. Going thru and adding all the nuances that make it great to read.  So really it is far from over, it’s just that one aspect of it had been waiting for its end. Just a milestone. Small compared to when I get it published.  Then I’ll  really feel down! Oh I really hope this novelling thing works out. Can’t do my day job forever! 
I also must say that I really love it.  It’s the most fun I’ve ever had being creative. I love painting too but I think I’m far more suited to writing. 
I hope, fellow bloggers, that come time you’ll enjoy my book too.


About Epic Wynn

Artist, Massage Therapist, Fledgling Blogger
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