Quilt For A Friend…

I started this quilt for my best friend over 8 years ago when I first ventured into the world of quilting. I asked her if there was anything she would like me to make a theme in the quilt. She chose circles. Specifically because she thought they would be an extra challenge.  I’m always up for a challenge.   Making all the circles was easy…when I had the right tool for it. Which was site specific. I was borrowing when I was visiting one a friend in the states.  I had planned to get one for myself but sadly these things are costly. 
I did what I could with the top in the first couple years and put it all in a box untill I had a sewing  machine I could quilt it on. The sewing machine took 4 years and the special foot for quilting  took another 2. Sometimes people are just busy. And sadly all the quilting shops in my area are closed on my only regular days off. Also I am forgetfull. 

So here is the finished top.


The finished top with its backing and the batting in between waiting to get pinned.


I grabbed this shot when I had to lay it out during the quilting process.  I was close to being done and found the batting was rumpled and out of place. I had to use 3 different small pieces of batting for it and they were no longer overlapping  properly near the edge.


And here is a couple close up all quilted!!



I trimmed the excess batting but left a couple inches of the backing so I could flip it and make it a binding too.  I dont think its going to save me any time but it will make for one continuous peice which seems cool and economical in terms of materials at least.


You can probably tell there isn’t a whole lot of pattern going on here. I’m coming to quilting as visual artist and I treat it more like painting with fabric. I’ve used alot of slippery decoration fabric most quilters would intelligently avoid. Chinese brocade and velour the worst ones for slipping but make for seriously great texture. I am a total texture junky myself and so is my bff. It is more difficult to sew with and needs special concerns but makes for a great peice in the end.

There are a few log cabin type blocks in there but mostly the circles are just kinda floating all over the place. Interuppted here and there. 
I love quilting because you can just flow with it. Piecing fabric together till its big enough for a blanket. I haven’t ever actually made a quilt using any one pattern I just kindof take ideas here and there and patch them together. Maybe one of my next ones will be an actual pattern!!
Hope you liked it!


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