When I Have My Van…

Aside from planning how I’ll arrange the various conveniences of modern life into the smallest mobile space I possibly can, I’m also thinking about what my day to day life is going to be like.
Of course I’ll still work.
I’ll bribe friends with promises of baking and other hand made things in exchange for use of their oven and shower. Although mostly I can wash at the gym.
I’ll park my van at night as close to a dog park as I can get so my friend can get his running in while I watch the sun come up. Oh yes,  some of these nights will be parked by the river but some by the ocean too.
Of course I’ll take a month off in the summer and spend it with my many friends all over the continent. I’ll take long weekends here and there into the interior or Vancouver Island. I’ll take a week to visit my cousin I California…maybe run the beach in Malibu. …
Aside from sleeping and cooking I still plan to knit and quilt when I’m living in this urban mobile home. And what am I going to do with all the things I’m making?
By the time I can afford to build this thing everyone I know will already have a hat and scarf and quilt made by me.
So I’m going to make these things and give them away.
I hate the idea of selling my art so I’m going to give it all away. To the people who need it the most.
Vancouver has an alarmingly high rate of homeless people.
Partly because of our mild weather and partly because of mismanagement of mental health services that have left vulnerable people out on the street.
I picture myself tucking in these indeigents quietly while they sleep. Anonymously giving them a peice of myself in the hopes they will treasure it and feel treasured somehow.
I wouldn’t do it for the attention, I hate that, but I would do it because I sympathize so strongly with my homeless neighbors.
I am well educated and yet I live paycheck to paycheck trying  to pay Down student debt and some months are worse than others. I feel that at any moment I could wind up out on the street with no where else to go and no one to turn to.
You can kinda see why I wanna live in a van right?
I think that if my homeless neighbors felt a little more cared for by someone who owes them nothing they may just be a little happier. A little more likely to try harder to get off the street. And feel a little more worthy.
Anyway it’s a long ways off but that’s a part of my goal.
Once I have all my debt and taxes under control.
I need to beleive it can happen…


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