New Quilt

I had some leftover fat quarters of fabric from my last quilt, along with what was left over from the back of that same quilt. Decided to start making another quilt.

Turned the fat quarters into strips,  just folding them over. They’re all about 2 inches wide or so.


Sewed the strips together depending on the length of the strips they ended up various widths.


Which didn’t matter cuz they were all getting turned into strips too.


Which got turned into longer strips that got looped together.


And then cut back into long strips depending on which pattern I wanted to be on the top.


So I could start getting this kind of cascade effect. Which you can almost kind of see starting to come together here…


Not quit all put together…


All Put together.



Ya its kinda wobbly wobbly but that’s what you get for using scraps and not having a rotary cutter!
It’s ok the whole thing will be a but wonky
I have quite a but more of that black and red polkadot so im going to make some more of these strips with different fabrics because I want the piece to be bigger than this and that was all I had of the other ones.
I cant remember what this pattern is called but I know I didn’t invent it. So don’t think I’m stealing! 
Keep ya posted!


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