Sleeping In Is A Myth

I always think I will feel better if I just get a little more sleep after the alarm goes off but the truth is: once I’m awake I’m done resting. If I get any more sleep it will leave me feeling sluggish and groggy.  I always feel way better when I just get out of bed and start my day. If I didn’t get enough sleep I probably will need more coffee but one of the real key factors is exercise.  No matter how much coffee or tea I get I can always fall to sleep with relative ease if I get my heart rate up at some point during the day.
The Closer to bedtime the better.
By relative ease I mean with out any events of anxiety which would understandably occur if I had too much coffee during the day then took my normal sleep aid meds.
You see no matter how much sleep I get I am also usually in need of a boost during the day.
The problem is that I don’t have the opportunity to test any theories that presume I could function otherwise.
I feel as though I would need to take time off work in order to test that theory because so far no coffee means falling asleep on my clients. Sometimes literally.

So why is it that I am brainwashed into believing that more is better?
Is it just the overall north American precept that more is better being applied to this necessity?
Or is it something more.
I wonder sometimes that maybe it’s my subconscious trying to sabotage my day to day life. That there is a part of me that just  doesn’t want to live and that part is trying to give me  more reasons to die.
This is just a part of my daily struggle. Getting out of bed in the morning. 
If I can do it with enough time to have a cup of tea before I walk my dog, and maybe tidy up the kitchen a bit, it’s a big win. Part of me wants to feel sad about that being a win but I need to set those feelings aside and just be happy about the small victories.

So henceforth….no more sleeping in! When I wake up I get up.! I can always nap later if I need it or compensate with more caffeine


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