When I Have My Van.2

I am going to find the best places to watch the sunrise in Vancouver. (Haha Van couver) Well the best places to watch the sunrise from a van anyway.
I recently found out thru the mishap of a coworker that if you park in front of a house, house mind you, the resident can have you towed away. But at a city park, or in front of an apartment building its much easier to park long term.
So my mission, once I have my van, is to drive around the city at night and find great parks and hill tops and watch the sun come up from as many different vantage points as possible.
I have always loved watching the sunrise.  More than watching it set so this eventuality is a major point of motivation for me! 

The sunrise this morning over the park near my house(by house I mean apartment)  was really pretty I just didn’t have time to take a picture of it:(
Was too busy walking the dog.
Anyway….that’s the plan…for now. …


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