I Told My Family About My Van Plan…

While sitting down in a restaurant for lunch with my mom, dad, brother, his wife and their two kids, I decided to tell them all about my plan to live in a van. The general concensus was that this is an unsafe idea and generally not acceptable.
Cleanliness and toileting and all that, in addition to unsafe and illegal.
I explained all the many aspects of my plan so far.
They still didn’t go for it.
Well my brother sort of did but I don’t think he was taking me seriously.
I was not surprised, but still a little miffed that they couldn’t just play along with my idea. As it is still an idea. I’ve taken no solid actions to making it happen. It may never happen but the point is that it’s something I’d like to do and the hope of making it happen is keeping me going.
The idea of that kind of freedom.
Of how small I could make my environmental footprint.
Yes it may be unsafe for a woman, armed only with a Shetland sheepdog and extremely muscular thighs, to live a meer latch and pane of glass away from potential rapists, murderers and vandals.
I don’t think walking my dog at any time of the night or day is any more or less safe. To be honest I have thought about getting a hunting riffle for when I plan on going camping or if I end up buying acreage in northern bc. But that’s a long ways off. For now it’s just a hope and a dream. Can’t take that away from me.


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