Hey Woman!!

You are entitled to empowerment.
Even if it makes the the dis-empowered uncomfortable.
You know why?
Because even in their discomfort they are learning what Empowered Woman LOOKS LIKE.
Hell Yes! You are entitled to empowerment!
You breathe it in like the first breath after a long suffocation.
Like you’ve been drowning since the day you were born in your mother’s blood.
You are entitled to empowerment!
Yes You Are!
You’ve been suffocating and drowning for too many years.
Take that breath. Suck it in. The vacuous space in your lungs has been waiting for it.
It is pure and clean and gives you the life you’ve been waiting for.
Yes you deserve empowerment.
Go find out what that looks like for you…


About Epic Wynn

Artist, Massage Therapist, Fledgling Blogger
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