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In a Forest…Dark and Deep

Naked Goddess Productions: In a forest, Dark and Deep. Their website just says this about it… “Intimate. Intense. Intriguing. Secrets and layers unravel in this modern day Hansel and Gretel  ” It didn’t take much for me to make a … Continue reading

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Do You Like To Read?…

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I do too. Because of the volume of reading I do (around 3-4 books a week) I find a lot of cool stuff.  And when I find something incredible, it is difficult, (actually nigh on…

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Time and money and love and loneliness and getting everything you want…

Time is money right? Ever think about how if you obsess about time…you waste it worrying about things that aren’t happening right then when you could be enjoying an otherwise peaceful walk. If you’re running late every moment passes like … Continue reading

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results of my photo shoot today

In the interest of being original I did some pictures for what I’d like to use for the cover of my book. I’m half way thru editing the first draft. feeling really very good about the work I’ve done.

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