In a Forest…Dark and Deep


Naked Goddess Productions: In a forest, Dark and Deep.

Their website just says this about it…
“Intimate. Intense. Intriguing. Secrets and layers unravel in this modern day Hansel and Gretel  ”

It didn’t take much for me to make a decision, naked goddess? Sure thing. In a forest…can’t go wrong there. I found out last minute it was supposed to be a Hansel and Gretel modern spin. Realized far too late that the term lost in the woods would be used metaphorically alone. I did not know anything about this play before seeing it. Two characters for 99 minutes. That’s a marathon for an actor. All the dialogue coming from just two mouths. It takes a lot to keep an audience entertained for that long. And I was thoroughly entertained the entire time. Thinking that perhaps another character would walk thru the door. Realizing no…it wasn’t needful. Intense frustration, lust, self loathing. All between a brother and sister?

I absolutely love having my own insecurities shown to me on the stage. The sexual tension was scintillating. I would say more…but I don’t want to give anything away. The actors may not have had history but the chemistry was palpable, I didn’t know where to look, did they know they were begin watched? The fifth wall? I was so uncomfortable sitting in the front row! The Havana theatre is a perfect venue for this show, you can’t escape the feelings of these characters. Oh and all the secrets unravel just perfectly. Hints given away at just the right moments. Excellent writing and performing!


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