Please share. And share hard. For the love of all.

I haven’t been posting lately. I’ve been stressed and trying to focus on self healing and exploration. That’s not all tho. The truth is I’ve been fighting really hard against some pretty dark demons. I haven’t been able to put into words what I wanted to say about it. Over the last few months. I’ve lost track of how many people have been murdered, their lives deemed forfeit by the colour of their skin. I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve been saddened by losses that were preventable and caused by ignorance and hate. Generally I don’t like to talk about problems without bringing some kind of positivity to the discussion.  I like to be able to say…here is what I think the solution is.
I used to think it was as simple as just not teaching hate but it must go beyond that. Much further than that.  Each of us has a voice and we all must use it. Silence is tantamount to acceptance. We must all speak up.
The first conversation you must have is with your self.
Ask yourself “am I judging? …am I prejudice?”  Before you can stop being a part of the problem you must understand the true nature of it. Enlighten yourself. Realize the undercurrents of assumptions and stereotypes you’re placing on the people around you. This goes for people of all makes and models and origins.
Once you’ve done this you can begin holding yourself accountable.
When you do that you can begin to see these things in how others are treated around you. You must hold your self and others accountable for the acceptance of everyone. EVERYONE. If you see something wrong. Say something.  Don’t tolerate bigotry in yourself or others. Don’t tolerate prejudice in yourself or others. Do not tolerate hate for anyone in yourself or others.

The people that hate based on fear and ignorance are weak. But all of us are capable of being strong enough to truly accept the diversity of this world. Our brothers and sisters from different mothers and misters enrich us.
We will need each other in the end.
Be a part of the solution. Enlighten yourself. Raise your voice against hate. If you love people for who they are at the center of their being not the colour of their skin then stand up and say it.
Do not sit idly by.  One day…it could be you.
If you know you’re not racist. If you’re proud of diversity. If you love from a place of acceptance not mere tolerance then share. And share hard. If not this post then another. A meme. A photo. A story. Something so that your friends and your neighbors understand that with you. ..they are safe.
If you’re quiet….I’ll know who I can trust.


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