Sick and tired

I have bedbugs. They’re annoying little blood sucking blood shitting fucker and im sick of having to check my bed for them all the fucking time.
But I would rather stew in a bed full of bugs that hear of another black death. I’d rather feed a colony of bedbugs than know that another cop got away with killing a black kid for the crime of being terrified and running away.
I live in a shitty apartment building because I beleive that housing should be affordable. But I would gladly give my home up and live in the streets if you told me that sacrifice would end racism. Or even homelessness I hate that shit too.
I’m sick and tired of all the hate and the prejudice and I’ll admit…I still harbour prejudice myself. But I know I’m working on it. Are you?

I won’t date a bald white man because it would remind me of neo nazis.
I’ll probably never go to Texas or anywhere in the southern united states because I know them to be highly racist states. Those are my prejudices and I’m willing to admit I could he wrong.

I still have a thing for blonds…and sometimes when I see one that I think is cute and I wonder if I should talk to him I stop myself and say probably not…he could racist. I stop myself from perusing what I want because of fear…

We all need to be willing to look inside ourselves first and see our own deficits. Where we have room for improvement and learning. The alternative isn’t working. Change starts inside you. Be the fucking change.


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Artist, Massage Therapist, Fledgling Blogger
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