Why no one should use the n*word

Have you noticed that no one uses the swastika anymore? And if they do they’re extremists and neo nazis.
Did you know that before the swastika was used by nazis it was just another old pagan symbol? Well it was. Then some very evil people turned it and we all associate it with evil events. The worst occurrence of genocide I can think of by a group of people set to destroy the amazing diversity in the world.

The n word makes me cringe. When I hear it in rap, which I don’t listen t, I feel sick and afraid. I thankfully rarely hear it spoken in my community but when I do its young people who don’t have any perspective. And it makes me sick and angry.

Well I’m here to tell you. You need to stop using that word. Period.

The whole taking it back idea has not worked. Racist people use it against you still and it has not enriched your life in anyway I can see.

Here’s the thing. I’m a little crazy. I hear dead people. Specific dead people. My great grandmother Matilda and her ancestors are an active part of my world. And when they hear that word thru me they cringe too. They tell me about the sick people who used that word against them and how it made them feel.
I’m sorry for all the black people decendent from slaves who can’t hear their ancestors but I assure you they want you to pull up your pants and stop using that word. You can’t take it back. And you shouldn’t want to. Its a cruel and hateful word that only has one use. To degrade people of colour in America.  You. Don’t.  Want. It.

Did you ever hear a white person use that word and say it’s ok because rappers use it?

You’re making it worse. You’re making it confusing. I assure you that sick feeling you get when you, as a black person, hear that word will not go away when you refer to your black friends by it.

What ever reasons you think justify it just remember…No jew on the planet is taking back the swastika.


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